Visualize any SharePoint list (e.g. tasks or documents) in a fully configurable virtual Kanban Board! Download a free trial of the Kanban Anywhere app now from the Microsoft Office Store.
IPT’s Kanban Anywhere board allows a user to create a page that presents their list information (including document libraries) in a friendly, drag and drop, Kanban style visualization. Unlike most Kanban boards that simply work on a task list, the Kanban Anywhere add-in works on any list or view and the information displayed is completely configurable by the page creator*.
Key features include:
  • “Any” list as a source (tasks, documents, announcements, etc.)
  • Support for filtering through standard SharePoint views
  • Support for both columns and swim lanes
  • Easy to use configuration wizard for App Part setup
  • Board & card configuration supports any combination of fields from the list
  • Drag and drop updating and sorting of cards
  • “Clickable” cards to drill into full list item details*
  • Cards are configurable to support any number of fields in varying formats
  • Swim lanes are collapsible and support subtotal displays
  • Multiple pages can be created for a single list supporting different board configurations
*Full configuration of the App Part requires the page creator to add a standard content editor webpart with our “Kanban Communicator” link to allow the app part to properly communicate through the IFrame to the host page. Detailed instructions are available on the app landing page once installed as well as on our support site.
 documentboard planetboard taskboardboardconfig-step1 boardconfig-step3